Botament D 11 - Deep Penetration Primer 1L

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Botament D 11 Deep Penetration Primer Red 1L
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BOTAMENT D 11 is a primer to prepare absorbent substrates for the subsequent application of tile adhesives, filler compounds, renders or paints in interior and exterior areas.

  • Can be diluted 1 1
  • Rapid-drying
  • Improves adhesion
  • Can be rolled or painted on
  • Reduces absorbency
  • Binds dust
  • Solvent-free
SKU TBOT61270300115609
Colour 8988
Size 1L
Coverage 10mtrs
Brand Botament
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Application areas

Suitable for priming of>

  • Concrete, lightweight concrete and porous concrete
  • brickwork
  • cement and calcium sulphate screeds
  • cement, lime and gypsum renders
  • fibre cement boards
  • plasterboards
  • gypsum plaster

Substrate preparation

The substrate must be in the following condition>

  • absorbent, clean and frost-frees
  • stable
  • free from grease, paint, separating agents and loose particles

Substrate type> Application of BOTAMENT D 11

  • absorbent mineral substrates = 1 x 1>1 diluted with water
  • gypsum substrates / calcium sulphate screeds = 2 x undiluted
  • plasterboards = 1 x undiluted (only on joints worked on with gypsum filler)


Cold and frost-free at least 12 months in its original sealed container

  • apply BOTAMENT® D 11 by brush, lambskin roller, wallpapering brush or with a spray gun
  • the surface must be scratch-resistant after drying
  • only apply as much material so as to avoid the formation of a glossy film

Application and substrate temperature

+ 5 °C to + 30 °C

Consumption or Usage

~ 60 - 100 ml/ m² depending on substrate absorbency